Southern California Day Trips

The Road Trip Blog

I’m a walking contradiction. I hate driving (actually I hate commuting) and prefer public transportation, but my favorite vacations involve road trips. 

Road trips are therapeutic. Having a goal in site and accomplishing that goal by a certain, albeit flexible, time, makes me feel good. During my road trips my mind wanders and I quickly get lost in those thoughts, but I can quickly re-focus when I see something on the road I have never seen before. Or I can simply focus on the natural beauty around me even if I have seen it a hundred times before. 

While is primarily focused on Southern California Day Trips, The Road Trip Blog will document my road trips throughout California and the rest of the United States. It will also include stories and blog posts from other sites that I find on the art of the road trip, suggested road trips and places to stop, etc.

Hope you enjoy the The Road Trip posts and taking a journey with me on the road.