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(Some) History of LA’s Freeways

While not specifically about a “road trip”, this post is for the nerds out there (like me) that nerd out on the history of roads. As a transportation junkie, I love learning the “why” of a road and the “why not a road here”. I also nerd out on how the road was funded, but that will be the subject of another post soon.

Here is a recent post at KCRW about why LA’s freeways got built and about which freeways didn’t get built, including the infamous “Beverly Hills Freeway” that never came to be. Can you imagine a freeway through Beverly Hills? That would have ruined one of the greatest films set there and an Eddie Murphy-80s classic, Beverly Hills Cop.

Also, ever wondered why it is so damn hard to get to Pasadena from anywhere that isn’t 1,000 degrees in heat? Well, now you can learn about the still controversial reasons why the 710 Freeway stops where it does.

Hope you enjoy the history.

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