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Showtime is Back

I’m not a bandwagoner. I have been attending Lakers games now for the past few years, and that includes the pre-Lonzo Ball years. Other than Kobe’s final game, the past several years were extremely painful. Shameful, really. For a while Los Angeles may have been a Clipper town. Yes, I know that is crazy, but that is how bad things were.

BUT, things have changed. Like most things in life, time heals. Time heals wombs. Time heals the soul. Time heals the Lakers. And so, if you have not attended a LKwrs game this season, you have missed out on the return of Showtime.

Lonzo Ball, Julius Randle, Kuzma, Lopez, Ingram, Isiah. All of them are just awesome to watch. Hell, even Zubac is fun to watch. These are mostly young kids. Some are half my age. And they are badasses.

Do yourself a favor, catch a game before everyone jumps back in the bandwagon. They’re playing the Cavs this Sunday. Catch them play one of the greatest to play the game ever, Lebron James.

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