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Helpful Transit Tip: How To Get From North San Diego County to West Hollywood

Yesterday my sister pinged me for a friend visiting from New York City. Coming from NYC, the friend wanted to know how she could travel without renting a car (and preferably by train) to a restaurant between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Knowing that I am a helpful transit geek, my sister asked if it was possible for her friend to complete her car-less journey. I said absolutely. And here is what I said:

Take Amtrak from the North Carlsbad Station (2775 State St., Carlsbad, CA 92008) (as opposed to the South Station which no longer receives service) to Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles. At Union Station, buy a TAP card at a Metro kiosk and make sure you have at least $3.50 on it because each segment will cost $1.75. Find the redline to the Hollywood/Highland Station. Then from there take an Uber or a Lyft to West Hollywood/Beverly Hills.

There are likely bus routes from Hollywood/Highland her friend can take, but I recommended Uber/Lyft for this last segment as I personally have not taken a bus to where she wants to go. And my preference is to have firsthand experience in all trips I recommend. She could also try to use the escooters or ebikes that are at the station as well, but getting from the station to near Beverly Hills could be several miles. I would recommend wearing a helmet in any event.

And while she is there she may want to check out the Hollywood Sign and other things we suggest to do in Hollywood here.

I hope this is helpful for anyone wanting to travel from San Diego County to Hollywood.

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