Southern California Day Trips

SoCal Transit Tips

This page includes a list of not-so-obvious transit and travel tips for throughout Southern California:

  1. LA Metro Local Bus #460 takes you from #‎DTLA‬ to #‎Disneyland; catch the bus at Flower and 5th Streets.
  2. Using the same Tap Card allows you to transfer for free between metro rail trains and buses within two hours of initial “tapping”.
  3. Want to get from DTLA to LAX for $2.50 in a luxury bus for 4/5s of the trip? Take Commuter Express #438 or #438a (Redondo Beach Park & Ride) from DTLA to the LAX/Aviation Green Line Station. Then catch the free shuttle from the station to LAX.
  4. If you take uber or Lyft and are heading to/from Downtown Los Angeles on the 110 or east/west along the 10, don’t assume the driver has the toll pass to get you access to the carpool/express lanes. Take your pass with you and you can ride for free on the 110 because you are more than a single driver. 
  5. Dropping someone off at LAX and stuck in pressure-pumping traffic? One easy way to cut part of the hell out of LAX-drop offs is to drop off on the Arrivals level in the parking lot across the terminal. You have 15 minutes of free parking in each parking lot. It’s less stressful than trying to edge in on the internal dropoff sites against the Lyfts and Ubers, taxis, buses, cops yelling at you etc. And getting out is fast because you cut through half of the airport through the exit lanes.